Discover Your Unlimited Potential
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Discover Your Unlimited Potential

Join Trish MacGregor, author of 8 astrology books

This workshop includes a copy of your birth chart. PLEASE submit: your DATE, TIME, and PLACE OF BIRTH and your email address to

Your birth chart, based on your time, date, and place of birth, is a blueprint of your potential.

Where does your brilliance lie?

What’s your capacity for happiness?

What makes you happiest?

How can you use your unique genius so that you are living your best life?

What are your particular gifts?

Knowing this enables you to exercise your free will in a focused way so that you make excellent choices in all areas of your life. But timing is everything and astrology is a great tool for determining when it’s best to act - or to stay still.

On December 3, Jupiter begins its 13-month journey through Capricorn. Jupiter represents good luck, expansion, generosity, synchronicity, law, higher education, publishing, foreign travel and cultures, our worldview and spiritual beliefs. It’s considered the best of the best in astrology and whenever it changes signs, it brings good fortune and expansion to some area of our lives and presents us with unique opportunities.

You win the Lotto. Travel overseas. Go to law school. Experience a spiritual epiphany. Publish a book. Develop your intuition. It’s easier to manifest your desires. In this workshop, we explore the unique potential in your natal chart and then discover how Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn from December 3, 2019 to December 20, 2020 will enhance your life.

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