December 16, 2017  

1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.  


Agustin (Gus) Castellanos, M.D. brings his vast knowledge of mindfulness and the many benefits of practicing "awareness" in our daily lives. With a background in neurology, Dr. Castellanos will break down the true root meaning of mindfulness and then go into discussing real-life examples of how we can all reap the rewards of integrating the practice into our every moment. Learning to live each moment with full presence, while filtering out life's many distractions is a challenge most of us face. The practice of mindfulness has been proven to improve physical health, mental health, relationships with others and the relationship we have with ourselves... in essence, it has the potential to transform our lives in every way. Dr. Castellanos will also guide you through a mindfulness meditation focused on feelings of happiness and positivity and close the workshop with tips on how to live on purpose. 


$55 pre-registration / $65 pay at the door