Saturday, May 13th


This workshop will lead participants through a long and deep wall yin practice while simultaneously giving themselves a full body massage. We will use Yin Yoga techniques (no prior yoga experience necessary) and massage ball work to release tension in the upper body, upper and lower back and glutes. This is perfect for anyone carrying tension around their neck and shoulders from posture, work stress, sports and new moms.

We will use tennis balls as a massage tool as well as yoga props (bolsters, blocks and the wall) to support us through this practice, which can be made as gentle as you wish. 

Make some time for self-care, give your body a deep massage with techniques that you can easily replicate at home, and move into a state of deep inner listening. In this deep quietness we are able to hear more clearly to our hearts deepest desires. From this state we leave with a finely tuned instrument, clarity of mind, and loving open hearts!


Tuition: $45

Led by Angel Lucia, a senior Yin Yoga teacher trainer and Myofascial release educator