Saturday, December 2nd...1:30-3:30pm

To a Shaman the process of Awakening is no mystery and the tools used to create these powerful transformations have been in existence since our earliest civilizations. In these early days of mankind to today there have always existed the Shaman.

There are 7 primary colors, and 7 notes in music’s major diatonic scale all correlating directly to the 7 Chakras. These chakras are vibrational power centers that can be activated with the proper tools.

In this work Shamanic Flutes are used to raise this vital energy, chakra by chakra, like a cascading waterfall of energy, flooding our system with new life.

Chakra by chakra each energy center is precisely targeted with shamanic flute providing each person in attendance a focused inner awakening. There is no outside force being brought in, all of the energy we will ever have is stored within us, deep in our root chakra lies an infinite well of energy known as "Kundalini".

Kundalini means "coiled or dormant serpent" and it refers to the primal energy that lies resting within each of us. The serpentine flow of sound is the same as our very DNA and the symbol for medicine is this energy going up the "caduceus" which represents the spine. The wings represent the ascension/freedom once this energy moves up through these channels.

A systemic recharge through the movement of this vital energy and an expanded consciouness through this shamanic journey into our Innerverse will leave all who experience with a deeper understanding of Self.

There will be an open "satsang" (Q&A) after where he will be available to answer and discuss any subjects that are spiritual in nature.

$45 pre-registration/ $55 day of workshop

(limited attendance/pre-registration is highly recommended)