Chakra Healing Movement Meditation

Friday, February 3rd...6-8pm


Join Daphne Tse for an exploration of using breath, sound, toning, and chanting to activate the energy of your chakras.  Inspired by music from around the globe, your feet will dance, your bones will shake and your spirit will fly quieting your mind.  With all circuits open, we’ll sound and sing from our feet, bellies and hearts leaving our chakras balanced and open to give and receive. Come learn how to use your breath, voice, movement & meditation to balance your whole being.

$30 pre registration $40 day of

How to Tune your Body like a Musical Instrument

Saturday, February 4th...2-4pm


Join Daphne, as we enter into the world of soulful connection through song, dance & poetry, tapping into the sources that help to nourish creativity, awareness and connection. This workshop is an especially sweet opportunity for those who are drawn to artistic, transformational and contemplative practices–to glean the jewels from these combined disciplines. We’ll dance the dances and sing the songs that are ready to be lived in each of us. In small movements and huge leaps we’ll unearth the full range of who we are and what we have to offer. Embrace your body as your unique instrument to express your life fully!  

$30 pre registration $40 day of

Bhakti Yoga: Exploring the Goddesses through yoga and kirtan

Saturday, February 4th...6-8pm


Join Daphne and friends as we immerse ourselves in Bhakti yoga through the practice of contemporary kirtan.  Kirtan calls upon sacred energies, which serve to quiet the mind, remove obstacles, and bring us back to the centers of our being.  In this workshop we will focus on the energies of Goddesses from a variety of cultures and how they relate to our yoga practice.  

From Asia to the Americas, Europe and beyond, we will experience the power of the healing mantras of the Goddesses including, Saraswati, Tara, Quan Yin, Mary, Durga, Lakshmi and more. All are welcome. No musical background needed.

$15 pre registration $25 at the door

Free yourself through Dance, Sound, Song and Meditation

Sunday, February 5th...1:30-3:30pm


SUNDAY DANCE! Movement and music are one of the oldest forms of healing.  Join Daphne in a conscious exploration of present moment embodiment through movement meditation, dance, sounding & singing.  Something out of the ordinary happens when we move from structured movement to spontaneous dance, from speaking to singing, from moving from a place of doing to moving into being. Reclaim your authentic movement and your true voice and learn how to use them as medicine, not only for yourself, but for everyone you touch in your life!

$30 pre registration $40 day of

Daphne Tse is a spirited, soulful artist and teacher originally from Texas. Her passion for music started from a young age and took her west to Los Angeles after university. Since her initial yoga class in 1994, she has explored merging her spiritual practice with her contemporary folk singer/songwriter style. She studied music at The University of Texas at Austin, The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and Kirtan with kirtan master, Jai Uttal. She has traveled extensively sharing her music in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and beyond. Her music has been featured on yoga music compilations with Shiva Rea, plus 3 solo albums, Mata, recorded on the island of Bali & Finding Water, recorded on the island of Kaua’i and Samahita Live recorded on the island of Samui. 

Daphne has been teaching yoga since 2004 after completing her Foundational Teacher Training in Venice, CA. Initially specializing in kids yoga, she found joy & light working with little people and began branching out and teaching students of all ages. She is inspired by her friend and co-creator, Ellen Watson, with whom she has birthed SpiritDance SoulSong, a combination of ecstatic dance, sound, singing and touch. She also, embraces the teachings of Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffman, Mark Whitwell and Ammachi in her daily practice.  Daphne brings her soulful teachings and music to Bali with grace and joy for living life fully.