w/ Kim Marrone and Claudia Bohn

Saturday, December 1st....1:30pm-3pm


Yoga Nidra guided meditation and Acupuncture work perfectly together to help induce a relaxed state of being, welcoming peace for the mind and tremendous healing for the body. Lying down comfortably, the acupuncture deepens the yoga Nidra experience, while the yoga Nidra promotes further relaxation to receive the acupuncture treatment. It’s the ideal match.

Self Care Investment: $30 pre-registration or $40 day of

Kimberly Marrone L.Ac., AP., CFMP is one of the founders of Integrative Acupuncture of Delray Beach. She has been practicing for 12 years and believes that combining yoga Nidra with acupuncture is one of the most profound ways we can restore the body to balance and healing.